Chocolate and music and salads...oh my! 

JANUARY 2021: Still trucking along in the quarantino lifestyle but hypo records is staying active making melodies and sending them out through the virtual ether for ears in search of something positive, harmonic...transportive!

CHOCOLATE: It's almost the 1st (month) anniversary of our new Dec 15th holiday El Gran Chocolate and Krista has done three private virtual performances (so far! you could be next?!) to bring good fortune to those who enjoy eating the dark, bittersweet stuff (or any varietal really). If you would like to order your very own ZOOM chocolate serenade or gift one to a friend, send a message to and we'll book you in! (PWYC/By Donation) WORLDWIDE!

CHANSON-O-GRAMMES: Our custom song service! We've recently postered Vernon, B.C. as Krista is Artist-In-Residence at Caetani Centre for several months. The centre is dormant (zzzzzz) due to C19 (no live shows, artist talks etc. in the foreseeable future) so we're offering this service again in the hopes of meeting and singing to local folks (safely). We're also opening it back up to our global fanbase so message us for details about virtual serenades, custom commissioned songs for your beloved ones and a brand new a la carte virtual mini show! VERNON / WORLDWIDE 

THIS&THATTAPESOur latest addition to the hypo records family is Greek dreamscape band Ιάσονας. They reworked their inaugural Autumn song into a Winter song for the 2021 November Winter At Home compilation (This&ThatTapes). We met this DIY tape label through Joe Jack Talcum who recently released Word Salad with them. The love analog technologies like we do! Fun fact: Joe was the first "mask dancer" in Les Chouette's video Ha Ha Happiness! And Krista may have been a robot dancer in the Dead Milkmen's Why Do People Lie. WORLDWIDE 

LL, LES CHOUETTES et NACNAC: What are they up to? We're not really sure. But this is what we heard a few of them were eating lately. Winter Farro Salad and African Peanut Stew






It's a HOLIDAY! That's what they say... 

It's a lovely wintery Friday midday here in Vernon, B.C. where I've recently landed. I'll be adjusting to my new environs here at the Caetani house as I gear up for my upcoming Chanson-O-Gramme virtual troubadour for plague times serenade project. In the meantime I've written a few fun non denominational tunes. IT'S A HOLIDAY! by NACNAC is the perfect soundtrack for folks of all walks including the shamans, nihilists and sailors to name but a few.

Click HERE to stream or download NACNAC's festive offering...great for cleaning the kitchen to as part of the soundtrack to a brisk winter walk...come let's play! 

The El gran Chocolate tradition I started December 15th to honour the theobroma tree centers on serenading and then enjoying a few dark squares of the equitable, lovely stuff. Here's a song you can play (or sing a long with - lyrics provided!) to 'bless' your chocolate anytime anywhere!

More to come 

but until then...

I'll be stepping out

into the wintery



Happy festivus for the restofus! Feliz el gran chocolate!




El gran chocolate! 

When NACNAC wrote the song "It's A Holiday" for the Holy Crap records 2020 Holiday fundraiser compilation it inspired us all at hypo records to think about what we hold sacred during these plague, friends, family, community, nature are foremost on our minds but also...dark CHOCOLATE! The treat that brings bodies, minds and spirits JOY throughout the year (unless you don't like it or are allergic or both).

Krista dreamt up a holiday a few weeks ago El gran chocolate (aka "Le Grand Chocolat"). It's inaugural celebration will be December 15th at 19h PT with a chocolate serenade and screening of a chocolate-centric doc/feature (most likely the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...or Like Water for Chocolate...).

We invite you to celebrate this rich antioxidant ambrosia along with us from wherever you are! If you're signed up to our mailing list you'll receive a free download of the ode/theme song for El gran chocolate to commemorate this day of CACAO! What do you need to celebrate? Key ingredients are: yourself, chocolate, and the theme song. Additives? A chocolate themed movie such as the ORIGINAL Gene Wilder Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (rotten tomatoes calls it "Strange yet Comforting" - we highly agree). 


TODAY! EL GRAN CHOCOLATE (solemn and delicious hymnal ode to the great cacao). Best listened to with eyes closed while eating a few dark squares. Miam!

NACNAC's IT'S A HOLIDAY (pan-denominational disco) single OR enjoy Holy Crap's Holiday Songs to Remember or Forget* Compilation with 36 festive songs HERE! Funds go to the National Harm Reduction Coalition. *This is not recommended for children.

STEFANOS ROKOS' 10 Years of Horror & Romance limited edition Vinyl is NOW AVAILABLE here!  Music inspired by Stefanos Rokos’ exhibition in remixed art along with remixed songs by three of the original contributors and one lost track revisited. Krista's Between Atoms was written for this project and we are so excited to hear it remastered and on vinyl! 

What's a holiday? NAC NAC let us know in their electro disco style... 

It's a full beaver moon (we're howling and building dams over here) and nearly December so why not invite you to listen to a new non-denominational (or pan-demoninational?) song by hypo records electro darlings NACNAC! They wrote and recorded it last week for the Holy Crap Podcast Holiday Song Contest! One day left to enter (Dec. 1st deadline!). It will be available exclusively on the Holy Crap Records fundraiser compilation - we'll keep you posted on how to get it!

In other news it's the 10th anniversary of Horror and Romance on Another Planet by Stefanos Rokos! Krista's Between Atoms was the last track on the compilation for this art/music installation that opened in Athens, Greece in 2010. Stefanos has remixed the art and invited 4 of the artists to remix their song for an exclusive vinyl/art release Dec 11th on United We Fly records! 

Krista also recently scored a short film by Marites Carino! More info about its release coming soon! 


Fallow or's Les Chouettes! 

Our upcoming Les Chouettes follow-up release is a dreamy one. The song "Fallow or Follow" holds special significance as it was inspired by an invitation to contribute to the Itty Bitty Little Ditty compilation. A group of Ottawa musicians started this project near the beginning of the pandemic to inspire one another to create during this time. The second edition was given the theme (to take or leave) "Forest for the Trees". Krista took it literally and then sent it off to composer, producer, masterer in the UK Fran Ashcroft on a whim. He was delighted by it, suggested a collaboration and ZOWWW Les Chouettes were bairn! 

More news to come...till then here's a sneaky streaming only link of the new single (to be released November 15th somewhere somehow) for friends of hypo records. Photo features the Plague Doctors who appear in the upcoming Fallow or Follow video...

If you'd like to close your eyes and travel to Greece for a moment here's the second Itty Bitty Little Ditty contribution another hypo records project did. A delicate song in Greek about the fall...

We are lighting candles today - the dia de los Muertos - and drinking spicy Mexican hot chocolate. Hope this finds you healthy and safe wherever this may find you.

September is for Cabbages? That's CHOUettes to you! 

With the second wave waving its nasty hand at people all across the land we are zig-zagging protective masks (until they are no longer necessito...) and making music to help roll it along - day by day and song by song!


This month we are excited to present to you the anthem that gets us out of bed in the mourning - HA HA HAPPINESS! It's the debut single from psychedelique yéyé'ers Les Chouettes. Are they female owls? Are they tiny cabbages? All we know is they sound great and make a mean salad and we could all use some healthy boosts during this time of the plague. Just say NO to scurvy! Say YES to LES CHOUETTES! 

You can get cruciferous with us on SEPTEMBER 15th! Mark your calendars to enjoy the 2-song single (with bonus Deluxe Dressing Mix...) PLUS accompanying DIY mask maker video featuring some of our international friends whom we've masked! The music will be available directly through our website, bandcamp and other digital distro folks (if all goes as planned...a gamble these days!). If you join our mailing list we'll remind you on this special day! Yé! YAY! And the featured polka dot mask Krista is wearing in the video? There will be 12 available through the @leschouettesyeye instagram account only. First order first mailed! Oh yes...we SUPPORT USPS. Postal is political! Snail mail FOREVER!

LES CHOUETTES: MEDIA 1-PAGE ACTION (click if you are a radio station, zine, magazine, newspaper, organic market, elastic-distributor, or simply a curious cabbage...)


CLICK to check out Krista's MASKON series. Every Tuesday she posts a portrait of someone she's "masked" and how they met. You get discover new artists and why they mask! The first four featured maskees are Shawna Caspi (Songwriter & Artist) Joe Genaro (Songwriter & Artist), Judith Rudd (Illustrator) and John Mata (Graphic Designer).