Cowgirls and Synthesizers! Lederhosen Lucil spiels mit HYPERBUBBLE!

hypo records artist LEDERHOSEN LUCIL teamed up with HYPERBUBBLE back in 2017 when she was in San Antonio, Texas (tucked away in a suitcase for the most part while Krista was busy being the inaugural artist-in-residence at FLI!GHT Gallery). 

She'd kept in touch with Jess and Jeff (they spieled their first show tog in 2004 at legendary club TACOLAND!) and so while in San Antone in 2017 hey invited her to sing a song and make a little video “Little Drum Machine.” Her sound being born out of a few vintage Yamaha synthesizers with built-in drum machines she was delighted to sing about this wunderbar invention - a true friend! 

Little did she know that years later - BLEEP BLOOP BLORP - it would become part of the soundtrack of a film COWGIRLS AND SYNTHESIZERS (she may have a few little cameos in it too…). The limited edition vinyl is sold out but click here to listen and sign up for future edition releases. Upcoming screening at New Jersey International Film Festival on June 9th, jaaaaa! TIX here.