Back in 2017 Lederhosen Lucil was invited by Hyperbubble to make a video and sing one of their songs for a future project. It became a feature film called COWGIRLS and SYNTHESIZERS and was released in 2023 jaaaa! She has a few cameos in the pop doc as well so if you are in New Jersey or want to tune in from afar here are the details about the film. WUNDERBAR GUT FUN!

Cowgirls and Synthesizers – Joe Wallace (Springfield, Illinois)

UK hit-maker and Eurovison songwriter Ricardo Autobahn follows the synthesizer pop duo Hyperbubble, described by Alternative Press as "the sonic equivalent of a truckload of Twizzlers", as they drive to Nashville to record a country and western album using only synthesizers, drum machines, and theremin. Along the way, Hyperbubble members Jess and Jeff meet cartoon cult heroes Samantha Newark of Jem and the Holograms and Manda Rin of Bis/Powerpuff Girls fame, Theremin diva Dorit Chrysler, music fashion guru Manuel Cuevas, cosmic cowboy Garett T Capps, air-drumming filmmaker Ari Gold, Do-It-Yourself vinyl pioneers Shoes, synth-pop sweeties Freezepop, Lederhosen Lucil, Helen Love, and Our Daughters Wedding, and somehow end up winners in Dolly Parton's Netflix song contest. Cowgirls and Synthesizers is a fast, fun, fanzine telling the true story of Hyperbubble's over 20-year career, splattered with color, animation, and comedy. 2023; 80 min.