Hello trees…how are you?

7 May

I returned to Texas in February 2018 to document the latest offering from interactive design company Daily tous les jours – a walking serenade inspired by the gorgeous live oak trees at Discovery Green in Houston, Texas.  Accompanied by filmmaker and artist Guillermina Zabala we explored and documented the inaugural installation of Hello Trees, an interactive sculpture that encouraged visitors to send their messages to nature. By speaking into either end of the installation your voice was transformed into both light and eventually a classical piano abstraction – a poetic meeting of nature, technology and music. We hope you enjoy this creative documentation – an ode to Hello Trees.

Live at the Scott Ranch in Marfa, Texas

2 Apr

On The Cities Lips LIVE at BRICK!

24 Mar

As I’m sifting and sorting through photos, video, audio of my time in Texas (I’m working on an adventure blog but there’s a LOT to process…) I thought I’d post a little teaser from the Soiro Bizarro at BRICK during Contemporary Art Month. Thanks to the BRICK team (esp MJ!), CAM, Elizabeth, The Walley’s/dreambored band, Jess & Jeff from hyperbubble, Amy Torok, Keith Seacrest and Dustin Reichert for the collective effort in making this a truly surreal and beautiful night!

Texas Round-Up! Marfa and San Antonio call!

8 Mar

The time is neigh for the grand finale Texas! I’ll be trekking to Marfa to play The Lost Horse Saloon with friends dreambored this Saturday. YES! Then back to San Antonio for the final send-off show at BRICK. Click here for the write-up in San Antonio Current!March13Show.jpgThis Texas trip has presented some great opportunities to connect and collaborate with youth in San Antonio, take in some amazing performances and build new friendships. Here are a few snaps from the trip…


Hello Trees Creative Capture in Houston


Krista’s Collaborative Songwriting Workshop at SAY Sí


A day out and then in with Sputty

Texas je suis ici! Hello Trees! Hola San Antonio!

17 Feb

Hola Houston, Texas! Join me at Discovery Green for a Walking Serenade. I’ll be capturing this gorgeous commission by Daily Tous Les Jours with filmmaker Guillermina Zabala on Sunday, February 18th between 1-5pm. Stop by and join in the fun and experience the beauty of Live Oaks and an interactive melody machine. Bring a picnic! Bring a friend!


For those of you in San Antonio I’ll be performing my latest album The Tides March 2nd at Imagine Books & Records (new album The Tides!) along with friends dreambored band. March 13th I’ll be hosting an electro pop cabaret at The Brick with my alter ego Lederhosen Lucil and friends. All ages fun from 7-9pm! More details to come.

Hibernation? No! Yes! Also busy writing custom love songs! Vive l’amour!

7 Feb

It is blizzardly wintery wonderland where I am and so in between writing Chanson-O-Gramme’s (custom love song commissions…order yours by this weekend if you’d like it in time for Feb. 14th!) I’m busy dreamily afternoon napping…direct message us on fb if you’d like to order a custom love song OR a tele-Chanson-O-Gramme (I’ll sing a sweet something into the telephone live…).

FullSizeRender copy

And I’m behind on Lyric Video action!!! Everything is Dangerous AND Girl Possessed are up and ready for you to read-a-sing-along…

It’s never too late to stream, download or gift THE TIDES…All proceeds go to the Krista Muir Composer Fund.

Social Pariah – #3

25 Jan

Lyric Video for Track #3

The third track off “The Tides”(Jan 2018) explores the theme of health and wellness – one of my favourite topics! It’s a kind of ode to the inflammatory foods that I tend to love that exacerbate endometriosis and eczema. Over the years my hands have been a source of pain and extreme discomfort – often itching myself awake at night and periodically  having to bandage them completely in order to be able to play while on tour. If you visit the “Concrete Lovesong” video you’ll see my hands bandaged up – finally a forum in which they were useful! The struggle for good health continues – it’s such a delicate balance. Liberation through restriction? Perhaps. I’m still exploring…