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Ciao Covid Heart

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NACNAC is the answer to your burning Pericarditis question. Long haul recovery thoughts in the form of a pithy italodisco inspired track dedicated to all the NAC users out there and all those currently trying to heal their hearts physically, spiritually, and metaphorically.

Dedicated to the COVID COVEN, Missing Witches and the resilient global long haulers who are taking it day by day - dance by dance.


Demonic curse - Hag ride
Melatonin - down my vibe

Covid heart I say goodbye to you
Ciao covid heart
My covid heart I say goodbye to you

Bromelain queen - heart aflame
Oxygen dropping - hate this game
Don’t come near me without a mask
Simple courtesy is all I ask
(Pericarditis you can kiss my…)

I’ve got dust in my heart
burning dust in my chest
Burning DUST!!

Ciao covid heart...

I can’t take it – take it anymore
It seems to go away but then it knocks at the door
I can’t take it – take it anymore
I can’t take it – TAKE IT AWAY!!!!

What part of “the plague” do you not understand?
released August 7, 2020
NACNAC - Everything