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The Fartniss Disco

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Time to get a little silly (but serious too) about TOOTING and release (heh heh) The Fartniss Disco! LO-FI UNMASTERED RAW GOOD-TIMES VERSION TOOOOT!


Sometimes when I giggle I have to toot
let it fly free if you're having a hoot
cause holding it in can make your tummy hurt or even make you dizzy...

Let's do the fartniss disco!
The fartniss disco!

When elephants toot they're big not small their toots could blow you across the hall
When chipmunks toots their toots are so small you might not hear them at all

Let's do the fartniss disco! Fartniss disco!

Now tooting might be silly but it's serious too
My uncle once had a colonoscopy to do
At the hospital after it was done they wouldn't let him go into the sun till he did the fartniss disco...

The fartniss disco!

Now gamma is the master of the gas pass
Her trumpet tuckus is a classy brass
When grocery shopping she might cough to cover it up but come on gamma...let's do the fartniss disco!

The fartniss infinitumtooot...