What's a holiday? NAC NAC let us know in their electro disco style...

It's a full beaver moon (we're howling and building dams over here) and nearly December so why not invite you to listen to a new non-denominational (or pan-demoninational?) song by hypo records electro darlings NACNAC! They wrote and recorded it last week for the Holy Crap Podcast Holiday Song Contest! One day left to enter (Dec. 1st deadline!). It will be available exclusively on the Holy Crap Records fundraiser compilation - we'll keep you posted on how to get it!

In other news it's the 10th anniversary of Horror and Romance on Another Planet by Stefanos Rokos! Krista's Between Atoms was the last track on the compilation for this art/music installation that opened in Athens, Greece in 2010. Stefanos has remixed the art and invited 4 of the artists to remix their song for an exclusive vinyl/art release Dec 11th on United We Fly records! 

Krista also recently scored a short film by Marites Carino! More info about its release coming soon!