ARC MTL - STUDIO 303 - New Recording project...

TONIGHT is the ARC MTL Gala bénéfice/benefit at la Sala Rossa! Sous la forme d'un cabaret en premier lieu, il sera suivi d'un concert mettant en vedette les groupes Some Became Hollow Tubes, projet spécial entre les membres de godpseed you! black emperor et Thisquietarmy, et Crabe musique rock avant-gardiste. I'll be there to MC!

PWYC: 12$ - 20$  / La Sala Rossa, 4848 Saint-Laurent ( coin St-Joseph ) Billets en ligne/Tickets online / Facebook event

Arcmtl soutien les créateurs du livre et de l’art imprimé avec ses projets Expozine, Volume Mtl, la Grande Foire d’art imprimé et les machines d’art Distroboto, dans lequel plus de 450 artistes participent à chaque année. Arcmtl apporte une visibilité aux artistes grâce à son double mandat de promotion et de conservation de la culture indépendante.

LAST SATURDAY the Studio 303 Eternal Saturnalia was a brilliant eve!

An ongoing, joyful celebration of big shifts and new social orders, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of this interdisciplinary dance studio with vegetarian feast, performances by Éliane Bonin, Gabrielle Garant and Solène Laurin-Laliberté (from Productions Carmagnole), Alida Esmail, a second-generation Shia Ismaili Muslim Canadian choreographer and performer, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines and Stephen John Quinlan, Mykalle Bielinski, and The Right Honourable “Justin Trudeau“.

I created Bonsoir Saturne! Ciao Saturne! for the night - sending theremin messages to Saturn's orbit before landing back on Earth for an electropop dance serenade duet with cloud! The night ended with Miriam Ginestier, co-director of Studio 303 (and of the Hot Flash Dance Party series) playing the role as DJ...SO - MUCH - FUN!

CLICK HERE to visit the online benefit auction that includes local goods and services - KNIFE Sharpening, health services, tickets to dance/cinema/circus, and one of my CHANSON-O-GRAMMES (custom song writing service). Shop locally and responsibly while supporting art innovators!!

NEWS soon to come about my new recording project/s and upcoming tour dates. I'll be returning to France in 2020 and possibly Texas as well...and maybe Whitehorse?! 



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