TAG...you're IT!

While I've only delved into the voice over world sporadically throughout my career, I ALWAYS enjoyed the work whether for Data Tell Us UNESCO clips or as a space monkey in cartoon DOKI. This past month I was invited to voice direct and act in a new interactive game called The OTHER Market - a live action role playing game that will open in Montréal on Saturday, April 22nd at the ANTEISM space (435 Rue Beaubien) from 10-6pm. This project was created by Lynn Hughs and JoDee Allen in conjunction with the TAG (Technoculture, Arts and Games) group at Concordia University. TAG is an interdisciplinary centre for research/ creation in game studies and design, digital culture and interactive art. Such a fun collaboration! I've known JoDee through the Montréal arts community for over 20 years and I met Lynn in 2012 when she was a co-curator for the Joue Le Jeu group show in Paris where I was participating as a composer, lyricist and singer for the game Kit Operette (by Daily tous les jours). See you in April…let's PLAY!