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From the Rocky Mountains to Mount Lycabettus!

It’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks. I’ve been completely engrossed in songwriting, workshopping, exploring new places and collaborating with musicians from around the globe. Banff was surreal! And then off to Greece to see Stefanos Rokos’ exhibit And No More Shall We Part and to perform and continue writing. Stefanos created the beautiful cover for my first baritone ukulele album Leave Alight. It’s mentioned in this article in the Greek press re: his top 5 album cover designs. Neat! Here I am playing at Romantso on Saturday night (taken by: Giannis).


Here’s the live debut (complete with nervous goat voice…ha haaa!)  of one of the pieces I finished at Banff “New Math” featuring some brilliant, adventuresome musicians I met there. Hope to return one day…new album in the works! Margaret Greenham Theatre, Banff Centre For the Arts & Creativity Singer Songwriter 2019.


Westwards I be! Final Banff + Calgary serenade!

IMG_1180.jpghaven’t yet had time to process any of the Banff Singer Songwriter Residency as I’m still in the midst of the final two days…rehearsing for “Cabin Party” by my new friend Claire Ness (tonight at THE CLUB!) and about to hike Sulphur Mountain with Molly Sweeney and Jeff Pitman. Tomorrow night I’m rocking at Margaret Greenham Theatre with a host of musicians from the program as well as our mentors Kevin Welch, Kim Richey, David Francey and Fats Kaplin. Here are a few quick beauty n’ fun snaps. More to come when this jig is up! If you are in Calgary Sunday, March 24th come see a full show with new Banff works at the County Line Saloon! Promise of laughter, song and lights!DWHQ4190.JPG

Chanson-O-Gramme 2019 – Banff – Athens

As many of you know, I’ve been offering Chanson-O-Grammes (affordable custom love song commissions) once a year to fans near and far since February 2013. They honour family members, romantic interests, friends, newborns, pets, partners, husbands, wives, and on one occasion, a spirit. From quirky to romantic and in various styles/instrumentation, Chanson-O-Gramme’s are a unique way to celebrate someone special! Here are some of the E-Cards sent along with MP3’s dating back to the inaugural 2013 edition. 🙂


I enjoy cycles of 7 so this will be the final year I’ll be upholding this tradition. The first 7 people to order between Jan 14-Feb 7th will receive a special bonus card (by snailmail) commemorating this lucky 7 year! Write to *kristamuir*at*gmail*dot*com to find out how to order yours today! Here are several songs (approved to share) from the 2014 edition. For this final 2019 edition the cost is sliding scale $125-175. Click here and scroll down to read some testimonials.


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be heading to the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity this March for the Singer Songwriter Residency! If/when we are presenting new works at the Centre/that are open to the public I’ll post them on fb/twitter/instagram. And as I haven’t played Calgary since 2005 (!), I’ll be performing on March 24th (venue TBC) for those who’d like to hear The Tides live!

April takes me to Athens, Greece to attend Stefanos Rokos’ latest exhibition (he designed the beautiful cover of Leave Alight) and give a performance of The Tides. Details TBA. Other possible Euro dates TBC.