Social Pariah – #3

25 Jan

Lyric Video for Track #3

The third track off “The Tides”(Jan 2018) explores the theme of health and wellness – one of my favourite topics! It’s a kind of ode to the inflammatory foods that I tend to love that exacerbate endometriosis and eczema. Over the years my hands have been a source of pain and extreme discomfort – often itching myself awake at night and periodically  having to bandage them completely in order to be able to play while on tour. If you visit the “Concrete Lovesong” video you’ll see my hands bandaged up – finally a forum in which they were useful! The struggle for good health continues – it’s such a delicate balance. Liberation through restriction? Perhaps. I’m still exploring…

Rockwood Asylum – #2

15 Jan

Lyric Video for Track #2: Rockwood Asylum

Historic buildings dot King Street West and I remember the drive well as many a lazy summer day was spent picnicking at Lake Ontario Park. First we’d pass the Kingston Penitentiary (1835), then the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour (home to 1976 olympic sailing events), and then, if you looked hard enough – especially in the winter when the fields were stark – you’d see a grim haunting building set back from the road.

Growing up in Kingston I remember being curious about Rockwood Asylum – former “house for the criminally insane” – as on two occasions when I was around 8 years old we had brief encounters with patients who had wandered out. One evening at dusk, we were en route to see Canada Day fireworks and a gaunt man in a hospital gown was walking in rush hour traffic towards us down the middle of the road – cars slowing and honking. It was shocking – something from a movie. As we slowly drove past my parents explained that they would find him and bring him back (who were they? to where?) as he was lost. I’ll never forget that look in his eyes.

The second time we were picnicking on the rocky beach at Lake Ontario Park, which bordered on the asylum property at the waterfront. Again, a gaunt man in a white gown was walking along the rocks and sat down to watch the activity at the park. He was the only one on his side of the property line. Such a contrast to the bright, loud bustling park with kids splashing in the water and building sand castles. I caught his eye and held his gaze for a few moments before going back to my lunch.

Track #2 on The Tides is named for this place of incarceration. In part, it echoes my own struggle with depression and the repercussions of endometriosis and begs the question – had I had been born in a different time with this same disease would I have ended up in such an institution? The video features combined footage of the waterfront I captured around Rockwood and stones from Amy Torok’s home in Quebec.

Psychedelic Tides – Weekly Lyric Videos by Amy Torok

8 Jan

THE TIDES is up and out! We hope you enjoy this latest offering now available online at all digital music providers. Enjoy an exclusive bilingual Greek/English bonus track if you order your digital copy on bandcamp . Ultra limited CD edition available as well. Stream, download, or gift – all sales go directly to the artist!

We are pleased to announce lyric video Mondays by Amy Torok starting today! Originally created for Muir’s live show,  these psychedelic visuals have taken new form and will be launched in 10 weekly instalments. Muir met Torok in the Montreal music scene circa 2001 – Torok’s powerful vocal chops featuring in The Mongrels . Over a decade later they played a cover of  DEVO’s Mongoloid at the Ukulele Bizarro cabaret. This project was the perfect opportunity for Muir to invite Torok to create some psychedelic visuals for her live show. Today marks the 1st of the 10 part series. ENJOY!

Track #1: The Tides

Song/Lyrics written in high class incarceration in Cape Coral – the “Venice” of Florida featuring hundreds of (manmade) canals. Inspired by Euripus Strait, the moon and a Semifictional Mapmaker.

2018 – time for The Tides!

1 Jan

Happy New Year! We are excited to ring in 2018 with the release of The Tides January 8th, 2018. The album will be available in limited edition CD format or digital download exclusively at shows or online. Stream and order yours today!

This project took years to incubate, much of it inspired by my life with endometriosis. It is dedicated to The Endometriosis Network Canada. You can read more about my personal experience with endo and how this album helped save my life by clicking here.

Live performance dates will be announced soon.


THE TIDES pre-release is up! Tour dates announced!

20 Nov

SEE Krista Muir LIVE in December…

Tuesday, December 5th – MONTREAL – LA VITROLA

Friday, December 8th – KINGSTON – KUF

Sunday, December 10th – OTTAWA – PRESSED

Friday, December 23rd – TORONTO – The Burdock


The Tides – My latest album will be ready for a sneak preview in November with select live dates in December! Official release date in early 2018.

27 Sep

Inspired by mixed tapes and guerrilla recordings using whatever is readily available I delved into a 2-week project whereby I sifted through and selected a series of songs I’ve long wanted to record – allowing most parts to be improvised, retaining imperfections, embracing the natural, throwing away initial ideas for instrumentation – crafting them like sculptures. Genre-bending and experimenting like I used to do when I first started engineering in 2011. I’m happy to announce my latest recording project “The Tides” (A Version) will be available next month!

One of the tracks performed live on omnichord:

Tour dates TBD.

The Arterie – Burlington Opening!

24 May


My work as composer, performer and Digital Storyteller continues! This next chapter takes me to Burlington, Ontario where I’ll be helping my brilliant friend Sarah Brodie celebrate the grand opening of her Art Therapy practice The Arterie. I’m writing a special ode to this space for healing through creativity that I will perform on Saturday, May 27th. It will be a 12-4pm open house with art – music – cake – ribbon cutting ceremony – meet and greet. You can join the facebook event here or join @thearterie on instagram. Looking forward to celebrating this venture during Mental Health Awareness Month and to posting future videos sparked by this collaboration.