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Lederhosen Lucil’s Electro Summer Serenade!

From Lucil herself: Ist your summer aflame? Working too hard und your AC ist broken? Have a freund who ist down in das dumps and needs ein pick-me-up? Sometimes summer CAN be cruel und that’s why I’m offering a limited time only mini audio serenade. For $80 I’ll email/text you or your freund a custom recorded MP3 electro ditty! For an extra fee I will deliver it LIVE on das telephone (whatsapp for non-Canadian people, ja). For an extra, extra fee I will perform it in PERSON Singing-Telegram-Styles (*Island of Montreal, Île de Montréal, Kanien’kéha: Tiohtià:ke only*). Lo-fi times = hi-fi FUN! Offer only valid until July 23rd, ja, so make sure to order yours today! Guaranteed delivery by August 1st.


Redeem this special by email – Subject line “Summer2019ja!”

Album Visioning & Collaborative Songwriting Workshop


This past Sunday I hosted my first “Album Visioning & Collaborative Songwriting” workshop at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston. It was a brilliant experience – the group of participants coming together to create 12″ album art and then creating quick and fun short songs from these albums – usually within 15-20 minutes per song – using my random chord method. “Playful, insightful, and therapeutic” were a few words participants used after when I asked how they found the workshop. Scroll below to hear the track from Barb’s album entitled “Don’t Forget to Breathe.” (note: recorded using phone only and not edited – enjoy it raw/live) I’m now seeking other places, spaces, institutions and galleries that might be interested in programming this unique multi-arts workshop – OUI!


If you had a record reflect/represent a chapter in your life (past, present, future) what would it look like? What would it sound like?

Music is a powerful medium – a living and breathing art form that accompanies us throughout our lives should we choose to tune in and turn up the volume. I’ve long enjoyed exploring the ways in which visual arts and music intersect, having collaborated with visual artists on several of my albums and having my music play a role as in-studio soundtrack for painters such as David Lafrance (Montréal) and Stefanos Rokos (Greece).

In this playful 2-part workshop, participants will first create a 12”x12” collage representing a chapter in their lives (past, present, or future) – the cover of their personal “single” complete with themes for Side A and Side B.

From these album covers, we’ll randomly select of one or more “singles” and using my songwriting machine game, collaboratively write songs inspired by the stories that emerge. Simple, complex, metaphorical, literal, whimsical, comical – the unique group of participants will shape the content and flow.

Please note, no musical experience or equipment is necessary, only a desire to participate and enjoy exploring these mediums.