ODE TO HELLO TREES – 2018 (Houston, Texas)

To capture the essence of Daily tous les jours’ commissioned work “Hello Trees,” Krista teamed up with San Antonio based filmmaker Guillermina Zabala. This is the short piece they created shot on location at Discovery Green:

ODE TO THE ARTERIE – 2017 (Burlington, Ontario)

After seeing her work for Daily Tous Les Jours art therapist Sarah Brodie commissioned Muir to produce a short piece for Burlington-based Art Therapy Clinic The Arterie. She created a questionnaire inviting the practitioners (psychotherapists, social workers) to contribute to the lyrical ode she penned and combined it with video capture to create a clip that explained their collective vision.

ODES TO DAILY TOUS LES JOURS – 2016 (Montreal, Québec)

As Digital Storyteller/Artist in Residence at Daily Tous Les Jours Muir produced videos using archival and new material to help explain their creative and technical processes, combining musical composition, video footage, still photographs and information from the studio members to create dynamic content for social media streams. This playful series helped deepen the connection amongst staff at Daily Tous Les Jours while adding another dimension to their presence on social media.

BELOVED OBJECT ODES: Fish Haus – 2016 (Wichita, Kansas)

As the inaugural artist-in-residence at Fish Haus Muir mounted her new interactive song-telling project “Chanson-O-Grammes: Beloved Object Edition”. She requested that members of the Wichita community to submit meaningful objects along with a brief description. Duration of her stay Muir gleaned inspiration from and wrote songs about these inanimate yet totally real “friends”. On Final Friday, March 25th, she presented the beloved odes, serenading the objects illuminated on pedestals throughout the gallery space and inviting the bearer/s (those present) to join her on stage and speak about them for 3-5 minutes. Here are three videos from this event:

CHARLES THE WALLET (Chanson-O-Gramme: Beloved Object Premiere in Wichita, Kansas)

ALBERT THE ALLIGATOR (Fisch Haus Wichita Final Friday show!)

AVENTURINE (Fisch Haus Wichita Final Friday show!)

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