One of the most rewarding projects I’ve developed has been the custom Chanson-O-Gramme service. For the past seven years I’ve helped provide the soundtrack to the lives of over 55 individuals and their beloved ones worldwide. Writing, recording, mixing and sending folks a completely original song for special occasions (uplifting spirits, honouring partners, celebrating newborns, romantically serenading, singing to loved ones who have passed away) and even going so far as to surprise serenade a gentleman in a park in Montréal for his 50th birthday.

How did this come about?

In 2013, while recovering from day surgery and lying bored in bed, I came across Goh Nakamura‘s post about writing custom love songs for Valentine’s Day. “What a lovely idea!,” I thought. And then “Hey, I could offer a songwriting service in French/English as either my alter ego Lederhosen Lucil (electropop) or as myself (baritone uke folk) style.” Since then I have penned, recorded and delivered over 55 songs that honour family members, romantic interests, close friends, newborns, and on one occasion, a spirit, ranging in content (quirky, ethereal, romantic…) and in genre (electro, folk, bluegrass, twist…).

2019 marks the 7th and final year I will offer the ultra affordable Valentine’s Day edition of Chanson-O-Gramme. I’ll still offer commissions however so contact me if this is something you’d like to find out more info about. Here are some samples to enjoy:


“Lyne was tickled pink to receive this amazing tune from Krista! “Cuisse a cuisse” made our Swiss Chalet Valentine’s experience all the more spectacular. Fond memories, thanks so much!” Richard M., (Brampton, ON)

“The most wonderful and thoughtful gift you could have given me.” Josh, (Austin, TX)

“Als ich begriff, dass Lederhosen Lucil über das Hofmachen meines zwanzig Jahres mit meinem Mann sang, war das unglaublich. Wir lachten, wir lächelten, wir polkad. Dank Krista und Lederhosen Lucil!!” Eliza V.

(translation: When I realized that it was Lederhosen Lucil singing about the twenty year long courtship with my husband, it was incredible. We laughed, we smiled, we polka’d. Thanks Krista and Lederhosen Lucil!)

“I would like to thank Krista for the amazing song she wrote for my amazing Valentine. When I heard it for the first time I knew she was going to love it, and love it she did. Not only did Terry Buttkins love it, but I loved it also. In fact, I’m going to go listen to it again now :)” Matt O. (Cisauk, Indonesia)

“My fiance gave me a Chanson-O-Gramme for Valentine’s Day and, being the sort of gal that hates the whole cliche Valentine’s chocolates/flowers/teddy bears thing, I loved it! It was the perfect gift; quirky, personal, unique and truly memorable. Without a doubt the best thing anyone’s ever given to me 🙂 ” Rosie B. (Cisauk, Indonesia)

“Liana and I were geographically apart for the week of Valentine’s Day, so I had to have something really good planned. And Krista delivered!” David B. (Brooklyn, NY)

“She told me that the chanson-o-gramme was the “best gift anyone has ever given me”. Yay!” (Mico D., Montreal)

“Elizabeth told me that she had downloaded a new track from Lederhosen Lucil,and that I should listen to it on my way to work because it was really good. We saw Lederhosen Lucil at a show a long time ago where she was the opening act for @Kid Koala and we’ve gotten a lot of mileage (10 years or so) out of the CD that we bought at the show. So I’m excited to hear a new track. It seems sort of lo-fi compared to her other album… almost like it’s live. And the lyrics are kind of weird– although her talking about pizza would not be that out of line. Then she mentions a crappy green Saturn with a sun roof that leaks. Wait a minute how does she know about that; that’s my old car! Wait, this whole song is about US! What’s going on here?? So I listen again and yes from start to finish, it’s a song about Elizabeth and I first meeting. I can only assume that through the magic of the internet, Elizabeth had arranged for this awesome Valentine’s day present. It’s definitely the BEST GIFT EVER.” Zach D. (Austin, TX)