From Lucil herself: Ist your summer aflame? Working too hard und your AC ist broken? Have a freund who ist down in das dumps and needs ein pick-me-up? Sometimes summer CAN be cruel und that’s why I’m offering a limited time only mini audio serenade. For $80 I’ll email/text you or your freund a custom recorded MP3 electro ditty! For an extra fee I will deliver it LIVE on das telephone (whatsapp for non-Canadian people, ja). For an extra, extra fee I will perform it in PERSON Singing-Telegram-Styles (*Island of Montreal, Île de Montréal, Kanien’kéha: Tiohtià:ke only*). Lo-fi times = hi-fi FUN! Offer only valid until July 23rd, ja, so make sure to order yours today! Guaranteed delivery by August 1st.


Redeem this special by email – Subject line “Summer2019ja!”

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