WelcomeGatheringComing up for air and slowly getting back to Montréal life after stepping into the creative, fully immersive world of the the Imagine NATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival in Toronto Ontario. Mîkwêc! I took in over 20 short and full length films, Immersive VR films at the iNdigital Space, Exhibitions at several 401 Richmond galleries, Indigenous Feature Script Live Reading (photo of ROSIE being read at TIFF Lightbox), How to Get To Sesame Street (pictured below) as well as the Welcome Gathering and opening night screening of Falls Around Her (photo below of cast/crew at Hot Docs Theatre).

The premiere of Gail Maurice’s (pictured below winning the NFB/imagineNATIVE Digital and Interactive Prize) short film ROSIE was well received and attended! It was co-produced by and stars Mélanie Bray  and introduces the amazing 6-year old actor Aleah Hachey-Brown. Gail & Mélanie chose three songs from my repertoire that fit perfectly! Such a treat to be able to experience it on the big screen at TIFF Lightbox and celebrate it with cast and crew in person (post screening photo op below)!

Pictured below is a pin symbolizing the Four Directions Teachings offered to all present at the Welcome Gathering at Native Canadian Centre of Toronto – a gift from Elder Pauline Shirt. And a few top picks: Generations, Nakon i’e, Undiscovered Country, Moa Ma Le Pinko, Geoduck, WIÑAYPACHA and Marks of Mana.