Psychedelic Tides – Weekly Lyric Videos by Amy Torok

8 Jan

THE TIDES is up and out! We hope you enjoy this latest offering now available online at all digital music providers. Enjoy an exclusive bilingual Greek/English bonus track if you order your digital copy on bandcamp . Ultra limited CD edition available as well. Stream, download, or gift – all sales go directly to the artist!

We are pleased to announce lyric video Mondays by Amy Torok starting today! Originally created for Muir’s live show,  these psychedelic visuals have taken new form and will be launched in 10 weekly instalments. Muir met Torok in the Montreal music scene circa 2001 – Torok’s powerful vocal chops featuring in The Mongrels . Over a decade later they played a cover of  DEVO’s Mongoloid at the Ukulele Bizarro cabaret. This project was the perfect opportunity for Muir to invite Torok to create some psychedelic visuals for her live show. Today marks the 1st of the 10 part series. ENJOY!

Track #1: The Tides

Song/Lyrics written in high class incarceration in Cape Coral – the “Venice” of Florida featuring hundreds of (manmade) canals. Inspired by Euripus Strait, the moon and a Semifictional Mapmaker.

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