A gap, a gap tis true! Time zipped and I have not been blogging with any frequency this past year. In all honesty it was a challenging year health-wise with a massive flare-up of endometriosis (it’s become quite the buzzword in the media as of late but it should after so many years of dormancy and being such a prevelant, debilitating and under-researched disease affecting 10% of the female population worldwide!) that delayed many projects and made it difficult to adjust to this next chapter.

Here’s a live solo version of one of my new songs. It’ll be on the upcoming album currently in the works. Yes, I’m rather distracted due to an adorable chipmunk running around me wanting peanuts.

We’re also aiming to take the “Chanson-O-Gramme: Beloved Object” project to a few more corners of the world.

Oh, and why the monkey reference? I did some guest voice over work as a Space Monkey in a educational kids cartoon this month. We’ll let you know when it airs! C’est adorable!