Happy 2016 friends far and wide! I’ve been working on a new body of work but it’s that time of year where, for a limited time only, I invite friends/fans to order a custom love song written, performed and recorded by me and delivered to you before Feb 14th! Only 10 commissions accepted this year. We’ve also change the payment from a fixed amount to “Pay What It’s Worth.” All profits from this ambitious project will be put towards making my next project come to life. So…inquire for details today at: hose *at* lederhosenlucil *dot* com if you like! Here are some past “COG’s“.

Last year the orders filled up fast. Deadline is February 1st, 2016 so email us today!

Yes! It’s a brand new year and I haven’t yet phased out this blog! Soon…so enjoy possible this last installation. My official sites are linked but you can visit either or to get there. I provided the graphics/design and my friend Ivo put together the site from the programmer perspective. Many thanks to him!