I’m finally coming up for air post Pop Montreal 2014. It was a brilliant 5-days starting with attending the Steve Albini Sound Recording Workshop Sept 17th at Hotel 2 Tango (Howard Bilerman) – learned some mic’ing tricks for future live-off-the-floor sessions. Such a rare treat. Took in the Sun Kil Moon show that eve at Ukrainian Federation.

Sept 18th:Headed down for lunch at the SAT Foodlab (Michelle Marek) with culinary tips and stories by Steve Albini. He cooked a three dish meal (typical of what he cooks for his wife Heather) – complex greens, broccoli farroto (risotto but with a different grain) and anglet steak.

Sept 19th: Ronnie Spektor at The Rialto was the highlight of the festival for me. She told her life story through songs, stories, images and archival footage. It was beautiful, terrifying, inspiring…ultimately cathartic. What a strong and amazing woman.

Sept 20th: Lederhosen Lucil rocked KidsPop during the day and I caught A Montreal Paul outside “Death Of Vinyl” shop.

Much later on I caught JJFad at 2am with DJ Kid Koala in tow. I remember having the cassette tape “JJFad – Not Just a Fad” with “We In Tha Haus” on it. Only had to wait 24 years to see them in person! Their smiles lit up the night.


Sept 21th: Was part of the ELANMontreal Formula” panel at Pop Symposium. MtlFormula Pow wow’ed about the Montreal synergy, poutine, hustle, making art, making a living etc. along with Albert Nerenberg, Murray Lightburn, and JC Little. JCLittle_sketchnote_TheMontrealFormula1000 That night I finally got to see “The Adam Brown” at Metropolis and they were SO GOOOOD! Jetted off to catch “Shonen Knife” at Divan Orange and danced until I nearly gave myself whiplash. My all girl band “Wild Girl Soup” used to do a cover of “Flying Jelly Attack” and when they started it up the bass line pretty much brought tears of joy to my eyes. Only had to wait 20 years to see them play!