CBC Song of the Summer!

It’s time to vote for the CBC Song of the Summer! My song “Between Atoms Le Pierre Crube Remix” is long-listed for the prize so please scroll down and vote for me!

In other news I’ve been hermitting away at the Haunted Hallways studio in Montreal as “Guten Tag, Gemini!” is taking shape and will be released in October 2013. This now 15-track album spans garage, pop, hip hop and a few suprises and includes a duet Lederhosen Lucil and I sing about women’s hockey called “Skate For Their Lives.” We can’t WAIT to release it!!!

We are also seeking out a director/producer for a video for “Chicken On Clark.” It is an epic bicycle concept so a cyclist director would be ideal! Email us with your suggestions and links to their work. 

Upcoming events in August:  August 20th Krista and her Terrific Tenor appear at the Cameron House. August 22nd “The Pet Shop Girls” DJ night at The Unloveble (Krista and Mar Sellars’ tribute night to the PSB).

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