Marfa, I love you all right!

26 Mar

Well the wind is whipping dust all over the place and I’ve been busy writing in this adobe bungalow on Texas street in the heart of Marfa. I performed at the patio at the historic El Paisano hotel on Saturday for locals, tourists and a gaggle of fancy wedding goers! Tomorrow night I’ll be playing a special set (with KM and Lederhosen Lucil songs) as “Pickwick & the Twisted Satyr.” 8pm at the Lonely Horse Saloon (formerly known as Ray’s Bar). “Drunken Parents,” an Italian punk cover band will play afterwards.

A few days ago I just couldn’t resist penning this little country love song to Miss Marfa herself. Enjoy!



One Response to “Marfa, I love you all right!”

  1. righto April 5, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    rom Lederhosen to a keyboard to cowboy to France,
    It is fun and actually epic in art and music to be honest.
    This made my night, thats one for the indie =)

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