Inspired by another lovely artist Goh Nakamura I created a “Chanson-O-Gramme” service in which friends and fans of my music could order custom songs written en Francais ou in English. It was launched during this past Valentine’s season to rave reviews! I got to hear inspiring stories of love and friendship and crafted these into songs (beautiful, whimsical, comical…) – weaving in words, images, inside jokes, etc.

You can hear a few samples of these love songs here:

Testimonials from happy Chanson-O-Gramme customers:

I LOVED THE SONG!! STEFFI LOVED THE SONG!! CAPITAL LETTERS CANNOT ADEQUATELY CONVEY MY EXCITEMENT!! Thank you so much! Tears all around, but the good kind. We were both very moved and delighted and Steffi was very surprised.                                                V. Blackbourn – Ontario

My God, it is so brilliant! Krista, she loved it! I haven’t seen her so happy and surprised in a long time! It’s so wonderful! I love it too!                F. Roberts – Germany

A. Peloquin – Quebec

Wow that is absolutely beautiful!!! We’ll be playing this song at our 50th, 60th, and 70th anniversary and more through our golden years together!!!  S. Bhanu – California

If you would like more info on how to order your own Chanson-O-Gramme for a special moment – birthday, anniversary, get well, wedding – email me at krista muir *at* gmail *dot* com.