Of all the songs I’ve written I never really considered “Tired Angels” as being particularly palatable for a remix. Musically it begins as an upbeat electro-pop dance party and ends in an ethereal dream with reverberating strings and the haunting vocals ‘my angels, my angels are tired’.

When Jesse Dangerously and Noah23 enter the picture, they pick up the thread and continue the story from their perspective and with a down tempo rap delivery. Yes, everything is dust… but when the wind moves we rise up. These songs not only serve as a warning – pointing us in the direction of spiritual and physical health – they advocate for individual awakening that leads to a strong and positive collective consciousness. Poetry, melody, and rhythm, lead the way!


Special launch parties for the zine/remix are in the works for Ottawa on August 30th and a private RSVP event in Montreal August 31st . If you would like to attend please ‘like’ our facebook pages and we’ll post more info there on how to get yourself on the list. Krista L. L. Muir on facebook. Jesse Dangerously on facebook.

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