on “Kit Operette” for the grand opening at the Gaite Lyrique! VIP preview June 20th and open to the public June 21st.


The Gaite Lyrique is truly a magnificent building with a very rich and bizarre history…In 1862 it started out as a theatre that premiered famous operettas (and hence the hommage conceptualized by “Daily Tous Les Jours” that I wrote the music/lyrics for!), hosted Russian ballets in the 20’s, celebrating Victor Hugo’s 70th birthday, was occupied ten times and reclaimed twenty times (?!), housed a circus school in the 70’s (elephants were kept in the attic), and then opened as an Inspector Gadget themed amusement park which only lasted a few weeks in 1989.

It reopened in 2002 as a new cultural establishment that celebrated digital culture and contemporary music. So here we are! Busy bustling around, tweaking voices, mixing sound to suit the “Petit Salle” which is one of the many spaces that will be bustling with interactivity starting June 21st.

Image The calm before the storm.

Melissa Mongiat (one of the producers) takes a micro pause before continuing the testing of wings, pompoms, projections, ping pong…Image

I heard one of the technicians singing “Tempete” (from the chaotic storm sequence during the operette) today…already the songs are sticking! So excited to see how kids of all ages interact with this playful creation! I’ll post excerpts of the songs soon. If it ends up being released as an EP you’ll be amongst the first to know!