Krista & DJ Jester - Artist Tent SXSW

I’m BAAAAACK and finally able to reflect back on my experience at SXSW 2012. With over 8,000 bands playing over the course of the week it was actually easy to dive into the mayhem and enjoy bits and pieces knowing full well no human could possibly see it all. Due to the sheer number of bands playing from underground to major icons, I easily took in The Magnetic Fields, Daniel Johnston, Lionel Ritchie (Kenny Rogers came on stage to sing “Lady” with him – AMAZING!), The Cult (second row from the front…I even caught the lead guitar players pick!), Gary Lucas’ live soundtrack to Coffin Joe’s “This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse.” and a few New Orleans bounce parties. I also took in many, many random and amazing bands from Taiwan, Ireland, Iceland and beyond,  enjoyed both Veggie Heaven (Protein 2000 still a show stopper) and full on BBQ at many of the starving artist parties,  participated in the “Fashion X” show, and managed to see Bruce Springsteen’s keynote speech at the conference center.

Here I am playing at the Planete Quebec Showcase at “The Spill.”

Krista Muir performs during SXSW 2012 at The Spill.

Before SXSW I let Lederhosen Lucil rock out at The Big Spill festival in San Antonio, TX alongside DJ Jester, UN, and Best Coast. She also had a surprise set during SXSW at Elysium during the day and here she is rocking it in her sailorhosen to unsuspecting passersby!

SXSW12 Deborah Cannon/American-Statesman

Lucil also got to share the closing night party at The Jr with some amazing acts including Marfa metal band “Lbs” whose members include friends from the Marfa, TX “Middle Earth” bicycle gang! We will ride again! JAAAAA!

As soon as I returned home to Montreal I was approached by Daily Tous Les Jours to collaborate with them on an “Operette” installation piece at the beautiful digital media center Gaite Lyrique in Paris so I’ll be deep in this project until it opens June 20th at the center. If you are in Paris I hope to see you there! I’ll keep you posted on other developments as it looks like a new Lederhosen Lucil album is in the works as well…