SXSW is fast approaching and I’m started to get excited about the BBQ, Shiner Boch and southern hospitality. Not to mention a visit to Barton Springs, The Tea Embassy, Amy’s Ice Cream and oh yes…performing at The Spill as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival Showcase on March 15th at 10:00pm!

I’ll also be letting Lederhosen Lucil out of the pantry on March 11th in San Antonio to “Waltz Across” a small part of Tejas with long-time friend and musical comedian DJ Jester The Filipino Fist. Check here for details.

In other news we’re currently in development on a video concept with Seecreature (animators for “Concrete Lovesong“) for the club remix of “Between Atoms” by Pierre Crube (half of Montreal electro duo “Numero”). This special remix will be released in Summer 2012 – I’ll keep you posted on when!