The “Year of the Dragon” is already shaping up to be an exciting one and it has yet to begin. To ring in the new year I’ll be bringing my alter ego Lederhosen Lucil out of the pantry on January 20th for a very special Fundraiser Event in Montreal. In order to raise funds for post-production of “Conversation With The Cosmos,” (produced by Lederhosen Lucil fan and astrophysicist Mallory Roberts), Lucil will be sporting a brand new intergalactic ensemble and playing songs from Krista’s latest release “Between Atoms.” Music, real life mad scientists, never-before seen clips from the upcoming documentary…who could resist? For more info check out the facebook event posted here.

Here’s a little clip for you that we shot in Toulouse, France at The Persimmon House last November! May the lyrics inspire you for 2012 and beyond…

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  1. Krista, this sounded good. It was very nice to meet you. I tried to see you at Elysium on Saturday in Austin but didn’t find you. I would have liked to have seen you live & wished you safe travels. Best wishes! Michael

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