This year my sister and I decided to give my parents a seriously awesome gift…we cleaned their entire house (fridge, pantry, bathrooms, vacuuming – the WORKS!) and cooked them a few amazing meals. They loved this present! While I don’t have the cleaning products nor the time to come clean your abode, I still have some amazing gift packages on my online independent “Krista n’ Lucil Shop.” Kara Blake just ordered her holiday dedication to two of her family members…a rendition of the classic Irving Berlin song “White Christmas.” If you order by Dec. 24th at 1:00pm I can have your dedication up on youtube by Christmas day!

In other news Lederhosen Lucil will be coming out of the pantry for a special fundraiser event on January 20th in Montreal. This time she’ll be helping support the documentary film “Conversation With the Cosmos” about the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Come enjoy an evening of music, astrophysics, and other intergalactic delights! Suggested donation of $15 at the door but all amounts welcome.