Ahhhh…the festivus season is upon us. Despite the rainy, cool temperatures in Montreal the Grizzwolds have already descended upon the city and the lights are adorning many a front lawn. Now if you are like me, a consciencious consumer who is all about supporting independent entrepreneurs, then you’ll most likely be checking out some of the local art fairs in the coming weeks. Puces Pop, Souk A Sat, and Smart Design Mart to name but a few! This year I’ll be at Puces Pop at the Yelp/Head and Hands booth promoting both local businesses and important community youth services. While my records are currently hard to find in stores, I’m offering special online holiday gift packages! This includes music packages, limited edition micromini maps (illustrated by semi-fictional mapmaker Shane Watt), or the very special online music dedication to a friend, family member or future mate!

You choose your gift, pay via paypal and it will be shipped out December 5th so that it arrives in due time at its’ destination! Click here for the HOLIDAY GIFT PACKAGE site!