“Between Atoms”  was launched into the ether online and at special live performances this past month. We had an amazing micro tour with Ottawa rap legend Jesse Dangerously and now Krista is gearing up for a busy June of live shows, ukulele workshops and other tomfoolery!

Photo Credit: Nic Carrier Supremo

Merci beaucoup to all those who came out during the rainstormy weather to see us perform in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto. The raffle winners got a real treat at the shows as the prizes were original music and artwork by the performing artists including micro maps by semi-fictional mapmaker Shane Watt and art/music compilation by Stefanos Rokos. (*see photos below!)

Now I’m busy getting ready for June! For dates, times and ticket prices check out the show link that highlights:

  • The return of Krista’s popular “Songwriting Machine Workshop” at KidsPop
  • Shows Krista is playing with the wunderbar ukulele’ist MEB
  • A brilliant benefit for the “Girls Action Foundation” at the Rialto Theatre (tickets are $25 and going fast!)
  • The 4th installation of the “Ukulele Bizarro” cabaret spearheaded this year by the ultra active indie content group Indyish and held at the Fringe Festival!

Some photos of the Ottawa show taken by amazing photographer Andrew Carver:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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